How to Deploy and Host Multiple WordPress Websites on One VPS Server


In this tutorial, we will only cover the deployment and installation of the WordPress websites, assuming you already have created the databases to be used for each instance. See blow links for the complete set of tutorials for hosting multiple apps/websites on your servers if you have not watched those yet.

  • Go into your ZoomAdmin panel and be sure your servers are connected.
  • Open Notepad with all of your MySQL database server information, along with new databases and users created to be used for each instance.
  • Then go to Apps page, click on Create button to go to App Creation page.
  • Then select WordPress, name your app, in our case wp1 and wp2 and click on continue.
  • Next, select the DeployTo server from the drop-down and click on Publish.
  • Once the app is running, open the quick view by clicking on the app name and navigate to wordpress sites using the URL it generated.
  • You will be presented with installation steps of WordPress, simply supply the Mysql server, database and user details for installer to install the wordpress database tables.
  • Then provide WordPress site name and login info to finish the installation.
  • Once finished, your WordPress website will be alive.
  • Follow the same steps for wp2 instance and when finished, both of your WordPress websites should be online.
  • In the next section, we’ll go over Mapping Domain Names to your Websites.


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