How to Install Redis Server and Redis Commander

In this tutorial, we will show you how you create and deploy Redis server and Redis Commander using ZoomAdmin, then also login into Redis Commander and connect to your Redis server instance. And finally, change the Redis server password using Visual Studio Code.

  • Login into ZoomAdmin portal and navigate to Apps.
  • Click on Create to create a new app.
  • Click on Browse More to find Redis, select it.
  • Then name your app and continue.
  • Finally, select the server to deploy to and Publish the app.
  • Follow the same Steps for Redis Commander
  • In Redis Commander, click on Show Advanced Settings, then Environment Settings and save the generated login info somewhere.
  • Once both apps are running, you will be able to use Redis Commander and connect to your Redis server instance, by providing Redis server details. Hostname is always name of the app or combination of Server IP address and port, i.e., you can get your instance details by clicking on the app name in ZoomAdmin to see the quick details.
  • Finally, we’ll use Visual Studio Code to SFTP into our server and set a password for Redis server and restart Redis container.


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