Modern Server and App Hosting Control Panel
Easily Host Multiple Apps On Your Servers
In Your Favorite Tech
Top Features:
Container First Control Panel!
Containers maximize server security and provide maximum flexibility.
Deploy apps with a couple of clicks using your favorite technology and database. We support Ruby, ASP.NET Core, PHP, Python, NodeJS, JAVA, PostgreSQL, and more.
Map domains and host multiple apps on the same server.
1-Click Generate Free Let's Encrypt SSH/TLS Certificates.
1-Click deployments of popular apps, i.e. WordPress, Jenkins, SuiteCRM, Mautic, Metabase and more.
Use SFTP or CI/CD to copy custom app files to a folder, we handle the rest.
Get the benefits of containers even with minimal budget and container knowledge.
Multi-Server – manage all servers and apps in one place.
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How It Works

1. Create Your App

Create your app, we support various technologies and popular apps. You can choose ASP.NET Core, Ruby and Rails, NodeJS, PHP or simply select an app from catalog, i.e. WordPress or MySQL.

2. Connect Your Server

Use your preferred cloud platform or hosting company to create Ubuntu servers, i.e. DigitalOcean / AWS / Azure / Hosting Company. Then, simply connect your servers with ZoomAdmin.

3. Deploy Apps

Quickly deploy the apps on any of your servers with a couple of clicks. We also provide tools to manage the server configuration, cron jobs, system users, security updates and more.

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Check some of the core features below. Our goal is to make it effortless for anyone to create/deploy apps in their favorite tech stack! Bring your own server and don't pay astronomical amounts for hosting your apps.

Run Apps in Docker Containers with Ease!
Cloud Panel

Cloud based control panel, no complicated installation processes. Always use latest version, with growing feature set and apps.

Container Driven

Get maximum flexibility with each app running in a docker container with minimal effort on your part.

Your Tech Stack

Use your tech stack. First Control Panel to offer support for all kinds of tech stacks, i.e. ASP.NET Core, Ruby and Rails, NodeJS, PHP and more.

Map Domains

Easily map domain names to your apps. We handle all the reverse proxy configuration and make it a seamless process to host multiple apps on each server.


Easily migrate to cloud-native environment with many smaller servers and manage all of your servers in one panel regardless where they are hosted.


Easily view App Status, Recent Logs, Server Health, System Logs, Connections, Services and more. Get Email notifications when Disk/CPU/Memory usage exceeds the norms.

Highly Secure

We Do NOT open ports on your servers! Built to work with maximum security in mind, even behind firewalls.

Large App Catalog

Growing catalog of all kinds of apps, with priority given to most requested new apps.

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