Supercharge Your Servers

Advanced cloud-based platform that simplifies the process of hosting/deploying/monitoring multiple apps on your VPS instances hosted anywhere.
Get PaaS like features on your own servers without the limitations of PaaS and maximize utilization of each instance.

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Easily Connect Your Servers

Cloud-Based Platform

Our platform is cloud-based, all updates and feature enhancements will be automatically available to all users. We strive for innovation and ease of use.


Dashboard gives you quick glance of your servers, their status and configuration.


Once server is connected with our portal, you get powerful features to install software, create/deploy your apps without much effort.

Install Software You Need

Install Software

Install and configure the software you need with a couple of clicks. We support most popular software packages needed for web apps, i.e. Web Servers, Databases, etc.

Programming Languages

We support PHP, Go, ASP.NET Core, Ruby, Java and more. Simply select your platform when creating a website, and we'll do all the piping necessary to get it to run.

Monitoring & Setup

We also make it easier to monitor processes/logs/jobs/users and more.

Manage Apps With Ease


We give you simple and powerful interfaces to manage your apps, web servers, dns servers, database servers, app deployments, Free SSL certificates and more. All from one central cloud-based control panel.

Use What You Know

Whether you like Git-based deployments or using FTP, we have you covered. We make it easy to use whichever combination of tools/apps that you prefer.

Super Easy To Use

ZoomAdmin has been built to be very intuitive, even for those with little or no technical knowledge, while still giving options/flexibility for powerusers.