How to Manage DNS Settings in DigitalOcean and Configure Domain Names for apps

In this tutorial, we will only cover adding domain names to your DigitalOcean account and modifying DNS settings to point domains to your servers. Then, we’ll go over configuring those domain names in ZoomAdmin apps so you can navigate to your apps using Domain Names.

  • Modify Name Servers of your Domains to point to DigitalOcean, and
  • Add your domain name to your DigitalOcean account
  • Create @ record to point to the server managed by ZoomAdmin
  • Create * record to point to the server managed by ZoomAdmin
  • Use command line utility to test your domain name, by pinging and confirming it’s returning the public ip address of the server. i.e. ping
  • Then go into ZoomAdmin Apps page
  • Edit Your App, in our case wp1 and wp2
  • Set the domain name, we’ll set main domain to point to wp1 and /blog to point to wp2 websites.
  • Then re-deploy your apps.
  • Be sure to clear Chrome cache and history
  • Click on the app names in ZoomAdmin and you should now see the URL using the domain name in the quick view screen.
  • Navigate to your domain name and confirm your apps are loading.
  • In the case of the WordPress sites, we also need to go to Admin site of WordPress and change the Site Settings to point the siteUrl to our newly created domain based url.
  • That’s it, in our next sections, we’ll install Redis server and configure Redis as caching server for WordPress websites.


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