How to Install phpMyAdmin, Login to MySQL Server and create Databases/Users

In this tutorial, we will go through installation of phpMyAdmin using ZoomAdmin, then we’ll login to our MySQL instance that we created in our last tutorial and create databases/users.

  • Go into your ZoomAdmin panel and be sure your servers are connected.
  • Also check and confirm your mysql1 app is running, the one we published in our last tutorial.
  • Then go to Apps page, click on Create button to go to App Creation page.
  • Then click on Browse More and find phpMyAdmin app and select it.
  • Name your app as phpMyAdmin1 or any other name you like and click on Continue.
  • Leave all the default options, simply select Server1 or any other connected server you have from the Deploy To drop down and click on Publish.
  • Once the app is running, click on the app name to see the popup with the details, including the URL to the new instance of phpMyAdmin.
  • Navigate to phpMyAdmin and use your MySQL server details to login into your MySQL instance using the root login and password you saved from our last tutorial.
  • Once Logged in, you’ll be able to manage MySQL server, including creating Databases and Users.
  • We will create 2 databases and 2 users as part of this Tutorial Set.
    • wordpress1 and wordpress2 databases
    • wp1User and wp2user – users.
  • Then, we will map each user to grant permissions in their perspective databases.
  • Save all the user and database details somewhere as we will use those in our next section to create 2 WordPress apps and deploy them the server.


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