How to quickly install MySQL Server using ZoomAdmin Server Control Panel

In this tutorial, we will cover installing MySQL server using ZoomAdmin and setting root password.

  • Go into your ZoomAdmin panel and be sure your servers are connected. From our last tutorial video, you’ll see that our Server1 is still connected.
  • Then click on Create button on Apps page to create a new app.
  • Select MySQL, name your app Mysql1 and click Continue.
  • Before publishing your app, click on Show Advanced Settings and Open Environment Settings section to get the generated root login password for the MySQL server.
  • You can either use the generated password or enter your own. You can also change this password inside MySQL once MySQL server is running. Save the password somewhere, we’ll need that later.
  • Next select Server1 as the server to deploy to.
  • Then, click on Publish to publish the app.
  • After a couple of minutes, the MySQL server app should be running and you can check Recent Logs as needed.
  • In the next section, we’ll go through installing phpMyAdmin, which is a web-based MySQL editor/client and then we’ll be able to connect and start using our MySQL databases.


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