Linux "eqn" Command Line Options and Examples
format equations for troff or MathML

This manual page describes the GNU version of eqn, which is part of the groff document formatting system. eqn compiles descriptions of equations embedded within troff input files into commands that are understood by troff. Normally, it should be invoked using the -e option of groff.


eqn [-rvCNR] [-d xy] [-T name] [-M dir] [-f F] [-s n] [-p n] [-m n] [files...]

Command Line Options:

Don't allow newlines within delimiters. This option allows eqn to recover better from missing closing delimiters.
eqn -N ...
Print the version number.
eqn -v ...
Only one size reduction.
eqn -r ...
The minimum point-size is n. eqn does not reduce the size of subscripts or superscripts to a smaller size than n.
eqn -mn ...
Search dir for eqnrc before the default directories.
eqn -Mdir ...
Don't load eqnrc.
eqn -R ...
This is equivalent to a gfont F command.
eqn -fF ...