Linux "pic" Command Line Options and Examples
compile pictures for troff or TeX

This manual page describes the GNU version of pic, which is part of the groff document formatting system. pic compiles descriptions of pictures embedded within troff or TeX input files into commands that are understood by TeX or troff. Each picture starts with a line beginning with .


pic [ -nvCSU ] [ filename ... ]
    pic -t [ -cvzCSU ] [ filename ... ]

Command Line Options:

Recognize .PS and .PE even when followed by a character other than space or newline.
pic -C ...
Unsafe mode; revert the default option -S.
pic -U ...
Print the version number.
pic -v ...
The following options supported by other versions of pic are ignored:
pic -z ...
Draw all lines using the \D escape sequence. pic always does this.
pic -D ...