ZoomAdmin Pricing

Simple pricing for the most powerful, cloud based control panel!


per server cpu core / per month
  • Unlimited Websites/Apps
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Free SSL/TLS Certificate
  • Catalog of Server Software
  • 1-Click Installs Wordpress/Joomla/...
  • 5 Minute Server Health Checks
  • Server Health Notifications
  • Works with Local VMs
  • No Credit Card Required for Trial
  • UNMATCHED Features
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Feature Status
Automated System Security Updates
Easily Track Non-Security Updates directly on ZA
Unlimited Websites/Apps
Advanced Website Manager
Unlimited Website Domains/Bindings
Free SSL/TLS Lets Encrypt Certificates on Apache
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited Sub-Apps, i.e. /blog, /docs
Advanced Website Settings, i.e. Change Root Dir or User
Works with Local VMs, use ZA to configure your local/dev/prod environments
Server Health Check (Updated every 5 min)
Searchable Server Logs (Updated every 30 min) System Logs, Processes, Services, Connections, Users.
Server Health Email Notification when usage exceeds the norm. Monitoring CPU/Memory/Disk Usage
Catalog of Server Apps, install what you need.
Catalog includes Apache, Mysql, PHP, LetsEncrypt, phpMyAmin, Wordpress, Joomla, .. 10+ other ones. We are rapidly adding more choices.
Pre-Built Server Templates – Choose a template and ZA will configure the server with all required software.
Unlimited Mysql Databases
Advanced Mysql Manager
Create/Update Mysql Databases and Users
Manage Mysql User Permissions
Advanced Cron/Scheduled Jobs Manager
User Friendly Interface for Creating Scheduled Jobs
Easily Search/Create/Update/Delete Cron Jobs
Monitor Connections - Searchable screen for monitoring server connections
Monitor Processes - Searchable screen for monitoring server processes
Monitor Services - Searchable screen for monitoring system services
Manage System Service - Start/Stop/Restart System Services, Mobile friendly
Multi-Server - Manage All Servers in one Portal
Monitor Users - Searchable screen for monitoring system users
Manage System Users – Create/Update/Delete Linux Users
Wordpress Manager - 1 Click install of WP on any website or sub-app.
1 Click Install of phpMyAdmin
1 Click Install of PHP
Multiple PHP Versions
1 Click Install of NodeJs
1 Click Install of Go
1 Click Install of DotNetCore
1 Click Install of Ruby & Rails
1 Click Install of OpenSSH
1 Click Install of Python
1 Click Install of Java
1 Click Install of Git
1 Click Install of Cron
1 Click Install of Nginx


What's Per Server Pricing?

Pricing depends on how many CPU Cores your server has. We charge $5/m per CPU core. Lowest priced servers most likely will have 1 CPU core, hence, you’ll only pay $5/month.

Do you offer Free Trial?

Yes. Your billing will not start until the trial is over.

Do I need a Credit Card for the Trial?

No, No Credit Card is Required for the Trial.

When will my card be charged?

Your card will be charged after each month has ended. For example, your card will be charged for September’s usage on October 1st.

Do you accept PayPal?

Not at this time.

What if I connect or delete servers within the month?

You will be charged hourly for those servers, min charge is 1 hour.

I have more questions.

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