Week 9 Review and Startup Life

As a founder, You have NO vacations in Startups!
This week’s focus was to address the client-side state management architecture.
Those of you who are familiar with React, know that state management can easily get out of control if not done well. I approached the solution from a different angle, I did not want to incorporate Redux with this project as I believe Redux has a poor design, it shouldn’t be used.
I came-up with my own architecture for our team. I always say, the code has to be simple and clean and that was my focus.
Now let’s talk about Vacations, I know I have hundreds if not thousands of founders in my network here, I’d like to hear from you as to how you plan your vacations, without affecting the team’s productivity or missing important meetings with clients?
We all know running a startup is 24/7 job, so even weekend getaways need to be planned. I haven’t found a great solution for this yet, but so far, I rely on a couple of key people in the team to take charge at my absence, but we’re not at that stage yet where we have other senor technical leads, ready to make decisions; hence, I still need to be available even when I’m on vacation.
How do you plan your vacations as a founder?