Week 8 – How Long Does It Take to Compile/Deploy Your App?

This Week’s Review and Application Compile/Deploy Times
We had great sprint this week. The team made progress on a number of components, while I was focused on overall Data Structure. A well-designed architecture and data structure is a must for our SaaS as it’s going to be a massive application by the time we’re done
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Let’s talk build/compile/deploy times, which are often overlooked. The best I’ve seen is 5-8 minutes and worst about 12 hours or so.
Let’s look at top reasons:
1 – Less/Sass – don’t do it. It seems cool to manage your CSS this way, but it drags your build times down.
2 – Node Packages – use minified CDN js references and don’t build node packages every time.
3 – One Massive App – you need to break down your app into smaller modules.
4 – Network – build machines should be on the same network as your destination to minimize artifact copy times.
Our app now has 8-10 modules – each taking less than 2 minutes to build and deploy. Just building both Client and Server app is about 5 sec.
What’s your build/deploy times?