Week 5 – Progress Review And React Component Libraries – 2 picks

I spent a lot of time last week researching React component libs
Team made a great progress this week, and we almost fully completed the sprint. It was cool to see the different pages load.
One my developers said something like, “now, I actually get what we’re building.” it’s so true, until you actually design the user experience and different screens of an app, it’s hard for someone else to fully visualize.
React component library would create some consistency, so after a long research, these are my 2 picks:
1. Ant.Design – a great mature, well designed component library. I almost went with this one, but the biggest drawback was size. It’s 1.2mb minimized and around 3-4mb in dev mode. That’s just too much, I know you can use webpack and it’ll extract only the components you used. But I am against slowing down build process.
2. AtlasKit – Almost like a hidden jam, as no one is talking about this. The interesting part is that it’s made by Atlassian, Now, I love how great Atlassian products are designed and AtlasKit is no exception. Secondly, they followed my architecture, each component decoupled with its own source repo. Drawback, no TypeScript support?
see comment #1
Do you use a comp library?