Week 4 – New/Exciting Technology means Slow Progress!

Here is Why you should think twice before jumping on to a new Tech.
This week, the progress was slower as we start getting into client-side/React pieces. React is an amazing framework, but it’s still newer.
As developers, often we are tempted to make the switch and start learning a new framework, platform or language.
We see a To Do app demo, and we think it’s the best tech ever.
I’ve heard this question dozens of times, “Which framework/technology should I use?” and there are always different answers, but an answer that keeps coming up is “It Depends!”
Others say, “stick to what you know and build it faster”
But folks, I believe there needs to be a balance. You can’t ignore new tech completely, and you shouldn’t ignore what you know and the benefits of proven tech.
Never forget, your customers want functional and modern products. Building a SPA that takes 1min to load is not functional to me.
My answer is to balance the usage of new tech and existing, to create modern, functional, scalable and well performing products.
Example of this is that I decided to use server side routing as React routing is too early, not enough built-in functionality.
If you could learn one thing this week, what would it be?