Week 15 – Here is how to do remote development

It’s strange how things haven’t improved much in years for remote/livecoding changes.
This week things were a little slower as I spent most my time on powershell and remote coding. Team was mainly focused on certain UI pages.
I started my web coding career mostly using php, what I loved about it was that the results were instant. No building/deploying, just edit the code do ctl+u in dreamwraver to ftp upload and refresh your page to see the change.
Of course this wouldn’t work for larger product/team, but it was fun.
Working on remote powershell reminded me those days, except I don’t have my ctl+u and was expecting something better by now.
After hacking a few ps scripts to auto upload and execute code on remote server, I spent some time researching the alternatives.
Unfortunately, there aren’t that many options and yes, Google drive doesn’t work on Linux 🙂 dropbox does, but it’s painful to use and it might suck your bandwidth.
After a long research, I came up with these 2 options:
– rclone – command line utility that can upload the diff and also connect using sftp or cloud drives.
– rclonebrowser – Gui for rclone
– rsync – an older command line sync tool you can use for sftp
Comment if you know of any other option?