Week 14: Why Most Companies Suck at UI/UX?

This seems to be a less spoken topic, if it wasn’t for UI/UX
Google/Facebook might not be here?
We had another great week with ZoomAdmin. While the team is working on different parts and starting the use of Katalon for testing, I’m fighting with Powershell 🙂
Today I wanted to talk about UI/UX. I’ve had a number of frustrations with this last couple of days, so I wanted to post here and see why most companies still don’t get this right?
I think most can agree that if it wasn’t for the great user experience, companies like Facebook/Google might not be here. If you’ve used Myspace, you should defiantly know this.
I logged into my bank today, a new UI. Change is good if it’s an improvement! Converting a large button to almost an invisible link on another page is not a better user experience!
Ok maybe financial institutions just don’t get UI/UX, maybe even don’t care about providing better user experience?
What about tech giants like Apple? Apple is great with hardware, but software UI/UX is a hit or miss. How many of you got the recent Podcast app upgrade on ipad? bold title for new episodes, now is gray like others.
What I don’t understand is why aren’t more resources directed on better UI when we know it’s so important?