Week 13 – The Feeling of Accomplishment is Amazing!

5 Changes/Things That Made a Big Difference!
Hey everyone, hope you’re having a great weekend. As always, want to share our weekly progress on ZoomAdmin with my LI network.
I believe this was one of our most productive weeks so far.
Here are 5 Things We Changed this week:
1. Updated Video Training
– Software changes a lot, Videos get outdated, refreshing Video Training content more often makes a big difference.
2. Training in Smaller Chunks
– Videos can be overwhelming if they are too long.
3. Push for more team Communication/Collaboration
– Pushing for more cross-training/team communication is a must, even more for Remote teams.
4. More Developers
– We added 2 new developers, but on-boarding was much better with newer video training.
5. Found our Mojo!
– I feel we have found our mojo as a team 🙂 processes/product/team/collaboration everything is coming together.
If you still haven’t seen our product, checkout the screenshots on our site:
Comment and tell us what accomplishments you had this week?
p.s. if you’re a SaaS founder, reach out. I’m putting together SaaS founder podcast.