Week 12 – End-to-End Testing Automation Benefits

This Week’s Review and new Testing Automation Tool
Hey everyone, hope your weekend is going great so far. This week while team made a great progress on different modules, I spent some time learning Testing Automation tool “Katalon” or Katalon Studio
If you’ve never used it, at first glance, it’ll look very complicated and IT IS. While their documentation is not bad, it’s a newer tool with very few videos on youtube and even those are mostly out of date.
So End 2 End Testing
– I’m moving away from Unit Tests. Unit tests were great when you had 1 technology to work with and even then, the integration tests have always been tough. Now you have UI tests/backend tests, integration tests. On top of that, testing automation tests.
– Industry has gone great lengths to make unit testing work, from introduction of dependency injection, mock data, etc.
– So much complexity in the code just to make your code testable? I don’t buy that anymore.
Benefits of End-2-End Testing
– 1 Testing tool/script for all testing
– Can be used by both QA and Developers
– Has UI driven testing, no need to always scrips
– Can Record/Playback – this is cool.
I can go on with more, but am out of post limit 🙂
How do you manage your  testing?