Week 11 – Idea Feedback and Validation

One of The Hardest Things Startups Need To Do!
After launching the website with a few screenshots last week, I went on to speak with a handful of people. Now, I’ve been following the startup community and process for years. I’ve done my share of reading and attending startup/investor events to fully understand the process.
While, I’ve worked a dozen+ ideas by now, I was never as committed nor as passionate about any of them. This problem that I’m trying to solve, is not only coming from my personal 15+ years of industry experience, but also, it’s been validated many times by products such as cPanel/Plesk. Although, ZoomAdmin will go above and beyond what these legacy hosting control panels did, they probably still have a large market-share.
If you’re a startup founder, you’ve probably been asked this question a lot: “Have you validated the idea?” or a comment like “There is already this other tool … “, If you’ve never spoken with investors before, this might be news to you, and you might get upset.
My view is that, that’s part of the process, no one will be as passionate about your idea as yourself.
While, idea validation in the beginning defiantly helps, it’s not the only way, iPhone is a great example of that.