Week 1 – Decision made, I’m working on a new SaaS Product

Decision made, I’m working on a new SaaS Product
It took me awhile and went through several ideas
But at the end of the day, I wanted to work on something that I’m passionate about, and something that automates/simplifies tasks.
I’m going to share the development process and the progress here.
I’ll share more about the idea and the product soon, but here is the Technology stack:
– Asp.NET Core 2 / React
– Completely decoupled architecture (see my other post on this)
– Rest API driven module to module integration
– SignalR
– Database (not decided yet, either Mssql/mysql or mango)
I decided to go with this stack because I still like the Microsoft stack/tools/IDE, it simplifies development. Speed and Performance has always been an issue with Microsoft Stack, but I’m hoping .NET Core has resolved a lot of those issues.

Week 1 – Part 2

With this project, I also want to prove my Loosely Coupled Architecture design.
First, I want to thank everyone who’s been reaching out for the junior dev freelance position. I’ve gone through a lot of interviews last couple of weeks and have almost finalized the team.
So, What will this Loosely Coupled Architecture give me:

  •  It’s hard to let go of development and focus on the business because of quality issues I mentioned in my last post.
  • This design will allow me to still have overall architecture control, without doing the development myself.
  • Decoupled Source Code – app will be broken down to dozens of components, each being a mini-app on its own. This will allow the developer to build/deploy components without relying/effecting/understanding the entire app.
  • Scale Development – One of the biggest benefits is that I can easily scale my team to 5, 10, or 50 developers without much effort.

I’ve been building the framework in the last few months, and it’s almost ready to go full speed.