Coming up with Tagline for your Startup

Happy Monday everyone,
We had another great week for ZoomAdmin, QA automation is great, but downside is that you get to find a lot of small bugs that you need to fix 🙂 But we’ve also made significant changes last few weeks, I’ll do a video demo for next week.
Today, I wanted to discuss taglines, I believe one of the hardest things to do for a startup is to come up with a short tagline that clearly defines what the product does and resonates with their customers so that they can understand what your product is doing.
Sounds simple, but it’s very hard to fit a product of 100s or 1000s of features into a single line, under 5 words or so.
We haven’t launched ZoomAdmin yet, and we changed our tagline like at least 4 times.
Here are the 4 we had:

  • Cloud Server Scaling and Management
  • Server Software Management and Configuration
  • DevOps Made Easy
  • Server Hosting Control Panel that Doesn’t Suck!

I’ve had conversations with various people about each one, and the prior 3 I found that I had to explain a lot more before they understood what ZoomAdmin is. The last one is still not 100%, but I found that it was easier for folks to understand. Sometimes, I still have to mention cPanel and say “if you have ever used cPanel, ZoomAdmin has some similarities except, it does much more and is intended for multi-server environment with no limits on usage.”
Write comment in Linked Post, let me know what you think or what was is your process of coming up with a tag line.