5 reasons why Shared Hosting will go away soon

In a way, ZoomAdmin would be competing with shared hosting providers, because they usually give the user a web interface of some sort, i.e. cPanel, so that the users can easily create their websites and adjust their settings, even though, you may still have to be technical to use these tools.
Godaddy has built their own interface, which may be a little better, but still very limited.
Even then, there are millions of websites on shared hosting without understanding the limitations or maybe because there was no alternative to compete in that price range until now.

5 Reasons Why Shared Hosting Services will soon disappear

  1. Website performance, including mobile is becoming one of the key matrix for website ranking for Google and other search engines. Great performance will be impossible with shared hosting.
  2. Price – companies like AWS/DigitalOcean, make it super simple to get dedicated VPS hosting for cheaper than shared hosting at times. Hence, the price is no longer a huge factor.
  3. Security – it’s not news that your sites will be more vulnerable when hosted on shared hosting.
  4. Flexibility – Web Designers/Developers need more flexibility now to choose newer and cutting-edge technologies which most shared hosting providers will not support.
  5. Control – Going with VPS in a cloud environment means you have full control over the server, environment or scaling. If all of the sudden, your site traffic goes up, you can spin-up another server or increase memory/CPU on existing server with a couple of clicks.

These reasons, along with many other benefits will constantly shift customers away from shared hosting providers. Hence, shared hosting industry will not be able to survive.
Of course, having VPS servers means being able to maintain/configure them which could be the biggest downside currently. BUT, that’s about to change with ZoomAdmin, which will simplify management and configuration of these servers, and make it so easy that even non-technical people can do it.