3 critical points I wanted to enforce when designing ZoomAdmin – December, 2018

So it’s been around 11 months or so since we started working on ZoomAdmin, a SaaS based product that’s going to make it super easy to manage your servers and configure the software you use on them with ease.
It’ll also make it easy to get you off of the poor shared hosting environment into your own dedicated environment for close to the same price.
When I started working on this, I never thought it’d take as long to get to MVP. Although, knowing myself, I knew that the quality expectations will be so high that will at least double the time needed for MVP. Secondly, I knew that I needed to have a team to work on this along with me.
Yes, could have coded the entire thing myself, but would have most likely cut corners and eventually fail, like I have done maybe my 10 other prior ideas. Not because they were bad ideas, but because they were all big and 1 person can only do so much.

But I had 3 other critical points I wanted to enforce when designing this product.

1. Scalable Architecture
I knew that I wanted to be able to expend the apps that ZoomAdmin supports exponentially, hence, the architecture needed to support that and be modular.
2. Use cutting edge technologies
BUT with will end-2-end building/debugging enabled, all done in 1 IDE. It took a while, but we achieved this with .NET Core, Typescript, React JS, even Remote debugging in Linux.
3. Junior Developer Friendly
This is partially because, I don’t have the budget, we’re not funded yet 😊 but also, I believe any software needs to be architected with simplicity in mind in such a way that even a junior developer can understand. This includes documentation and developer on-boarding process. Which should also include Video Training.
I believe, I was able to hit on all these 3 points.
So where are we with ZoomAdmin after 11 months? Well, we’ve come a long way, from having nothing to now having a product/process/team/collaboration, all working together to get to the finish line.
We are close to MVP, very close, so stay tuned.