Linux "tipc" Command Line Options and Examples
a TIPC configuration and management tool

The Transparent Inter-Process Communication (TIPC) protocol offers total address transparency between pro‐ cesses which allows applications in a clustered computer environment to communicate quickly and reliably with each other, regardless of their location within the cluster. TIPC originated at the telecommunications manufacturer Ericsson.



    COMMAND := { bearer | link | media | nametable | node | socket }

    OPTIONS := { -h[help] }

Command Line Options:

Show help about last given command. For example tipc bearer --help will show bearer help and tipc
tipc -h ...
COMMANDSBEARER - Show or modify TIPC bearersLINK - Show or modify TIPC linksMEDIA - Show or modify TIPC mediaNAMETABLE
tipc --help ...
NODE - Show or modify TIPC node parametersSOCKET - Show TIPC socketsARGUMENTSCommand arguments are described in a command specific man page and typically consists of nested commands alongwith key value pairs. If no arguments are given a command typically shows its help text. The explicit helpoption -h or --help can occur anywhere among the arguments and will show help for the last valid commandgiven.EXIT STATUSExit status is 0 if command was successful or a positive integer upon failure.
tipc - ...