Linux "soelim" Command Line Options and Examples
interpret .so requests in groff input

soelim reads files and replaces lines of the form .so file by the contents of file. It is useful if files included with .


soelim [-Crtv] [-I dir] [files ...]

    It is possible to have whitespace between the -I command line option and its parameter.

Command Line Options:

Recognize .so even when followed by a character other than space or newline.
soelim -C ...
Do not add .lf requests (for general use, with non-groff files).
soelim -r ...
USAGEThe normal processing sequence of groff is this:input sourcedfile file| |v vpreprocessor -> troff -> postprocessor|voutputfileThat is, files sourced with .so are normally read only by troff (the actual formatter). soelim is notrequired for troff to source files.If a file to be sourced should also be preprocessed, it must already be read before the input file passesthrough the preprocessor. This is handled by soelim:inputfile|vsoelim -> preprocessor -> troff -> postprocessor^ || vsourced outputfile file
soelim -v ...