Linux "pmap" Command Line Options and Examples
report memory map of a process

The pmap command reports the memory map of a process or processes..


pmap [options] pid [...]

Command Line Options:

Show the extended format.
pmap -x ...
Show the device format.
pmap -d ...
Do not display some header or footer lines.
pmap -q ...
Limit results to the given range to low and high address range. Notice that the low and high argumentsare single string separated with comma.
pmap -A ...
Show even more details than the -x option. WARNING: format changes according to /proc/PID/smaps
pmap -X ...
Show everything the kernel provides
pmap -XX ...
Show full path to files in the mapping column
pmap -p ...
Read the default configuration
pmap -c ...
Read the configuration from file
pmap -C ...
Create new default configuration
pmap -n ...
Create new configuration to file
pmap -N ...
Display help text and exit.
pmap -h ...
Display version information and exit.EXIT STATUS0 Success.1 Failure.42 Did not find all processes asked for.
pmap -V ...