Linux "lcf" Command Line Options and Examples
Determine which of the historical versions of a config is installed

This script, given a destination file name, and a directory containing md5sums of historical versions of the file, attempts to deter‐ mine if the installed version corresponds to a historical version. lcf uses the same algorithm that ucf uses, and should exhibit the same behaviour. The source directory is the place where historical md5sums are expected to live.


lcf [options]

Command Line Options:

Print a short usage message
lcf -h ...
Dry run. Print the actions that would be taken if the script is invoked, but take no action.
lcf -n ...
Set the debug level to the (optional) level n (n defaults to 1). This turns on copious debugging information.
lcf -d ...
Make the script be very verbose about setting internal variables.FILES/var/lib/ucf/hashfile, /etc/ucf.conf
lcf -v ...