Linux "h2ph" Command Line Options and Examples
convert .h C header files to .ph Perl header files

h2ph converts any C header files specified to the corresponding Perl header file format. It is most easily run while in /usr/include: cd /usr/include; h2ph * sys/* or cd /usr/include; h2ph * sys/* arpa/* netinet/* or cd /usr/include; h2ph -r -l .


h2ph [-d destination directory] [-r | -a] [-l] [-h] [-e] [-D] [-Q] [headerfiles]

Command Line Options:

Put the resulting .ph files beneath destination_dir, instead of beneath the default Perl library location($Config{'installsitearch'}).
h2ph -d ...
Symbolic links will be replicated in the destination directory. If -l is not specified, then links are skipped over.
h2ph -l ...
Include the code from the .h file as a comment in the .ph file. This is primarily used for debugging h2ph
h2ph -D ...
ENVIRONMENTNo environment variables are used.FILES/usr/include/*.h/usr/include/sys/*.hetc.AUTHORLarry Wall
h2ph -Q ...