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ZoomAdmin Features

ZoomAdmin is rapidly expanding platform.

See our updated feature list and road-map of features that are coming soon.


Feature Status
Automated System Security Updates
Easily Track Non-Security Updates directly on ZA
Unlimited Websites/Apps
Advanced Website Manager
Unlimited Website Domains/Bindings
Free SSL/TLS Lets Encrypt Certificates on Apache
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited Sub-Apps, i.e. /blog, /docs
Advanced Website Settings, i.e. Change Root Dir or User
Works with Local VMs, use ZA to configure your local/dev/prod environments
Server Health Check (Updated every 5 min)
Searchable Server Logs (Updated every 30 min) System Logs, Processes, Services, Connections, Users.
Server Health Email Notification when usage exceeds the norm. Monitoring CPU/Memory/Disk Usage
Catalog of Server Apps, install what you need.
Catalog includes Apache, Mysql, PHP, LetsEncrypt, phpMyAmin, Wordpress, Joomla, .. 10+ other ones. We are rapidly adding more choices.
Pre-Built Server Templates – Choose a template and ZA will configure the server with all required software.
Unlimited Mysql Databases
Advanced Mysql Manager
Create/Update Mysql Databases and Users
Manage Mysql User Permissions
Advanced Cron/Scheduled Jobs Manager
User Friendly Interface for Creating Scheduled Jobs
Easily Search/Create/Update/Delete Cron Jobs
Monitor Connections - Searchable screen for monitoring server connections
Monitor Processes - Searchable screen for monitoring server processes
Monitor Services - Searchable screen for monitoring system services
Manage System Service - Start/Stop/Restart System Services, Mobile friendly
Multi-Server - Manage All Servers in one Portal
Monitor Users - Searchable screen for monitoring system users
Manage System Users – Create/Update/Delete Linux Users
Wordpress Manager - 1 Click install of WP on any website or sub-app.
1 Click Install of phpMyAdmin
1 Click Install of PHP
Multiple PHP Versions
1 Click Install of NodeJs
1 Click Install of Go
1 Click Install of DotNetCore
1 Click Install of Ruby & Rails
1 Click Install of OpenSSH
1 Click Install of Python
1 Click Install of Java
1 Click Install of Git
1 Click Install of Cron
1 Click Install of Nginx