Linux "slabtop" Command Line Options and Examples
display kernel slab cache information in real time

slabtop displays detailed kernel slab cache information in real time. It displays a listing of the top caches sorted by one of the listed sort criteria. It also displays a statistics header filled with slab layer infor‐ mation.


slabtop [options]

Command Line Options:

Refresh the display every n in seconds. By default, slabtop refreshes the display every three seconds.To exit the program, hit q.
slabtop -d ...
Sort by S, where S is one of the sort criteria.
slabtop -s ...
Display the output once and then exit.
slabtop -o ...
Display version information and exit.
slabtop -V ...
Display usage information and exit.SORT CRITERIAThe following are valid sort criteria used to sort the individual slab caches and thereby determine what arethe "top" slab caches to display. The default sort criteria is to sort by the number of objects ("o").The sort criteria can also be changed while slabtop is running by pressing the associated character.character description headera number of active objects ACTIVEb objects per slab OBJ/SLABc cache size CACHE SIZEl number of slabs SLABSv number of active slabs N/An name NAMEo number of objects OBJSp pages per slab N/As object size OBJ SIZEu cache utilization USECOMMANDSslabtop accepts keyboard commands from the user during use. The following are supported. In the case of let‐ters, both cases are accepted.Each of the valid sort characters are also accepted, to change the sort routine. See the section SORT CRITE‐RIA.<SPACEBAR>Refresh the screen.Q Quit the program.FILES/proc/slabinfoslab information
slabtop -h ...