ZoomAdmin Features

A platform for Easily creating and deploying apps on your own servers.

ZoomAdmin is a cloud-based app hosting control panel, that makes it effortless to create apps in tech of your choice!


Quickly create/deploy apps in your favorite tech, e support Ruby, Ruby and Rails, ASP.NET Core, PHP, Python, NodeJS, Go, JAVA, PostgreSQL, and many more.
Host multiple apps on your Servers
1-Click Deployments of many of the popular apps, i.e. WordPress, Jenkins, Redis, nopCommerce and many more.
Pre-configured app containers make it super easy for anyone to start creating container apps with default settings without deep knowledge of containers.
Easily configure and map Domain names to your apps, we use Nginx Reverse proxy and handle all the configuration.
Easily configure Unlimited Domain Aliases and Domain Redirects on apps.
1-Click FREE SSL/TLS Certificate – system will generate a Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate, enable it on the app and redirect all traffic to Secure HTTPS. All you have to do is click on HTTPS button under the domain name.
Built-in 1 Page Website template in various technologies, create 1-page website in tech of your choice with a couple of clicks.
Easily Start/Stop/Pause/Restart app containers
Limit CPU/Memory usage on apps
Advanced Docker settings, including having your own Dockerfile
Easy to use interface to create environment variables, map ports, volumes and more.
Custom app type to allow you to bring or choose your own docker image.
Automated Server System Security Updates
Easily Track Non-Security Updates directly on ZA
Works with Ubuntu Servers hosted anywhere including Cloud providers and Hosting companies
Server Health Check (Updated every 5 min)
Searchable Server Logs (Updated every 30 min) System Logs, Processes, Services, Connections, Users.
Server Health Email Notification when usage exceeds the norm. Monitoring CPU/Memory/Disk Usage
User Friendly Interface for Creating Scheduled Jobs
Easily Search/Create/Update/Delete Cron Jobs
Monitor Connections - Searchable screen for monitoring server connections
Monitor Processes - Searchable screen for monitoring server processes
Monitor Services - Searchable screen for monitoring system services
Manage System Service - Start/Stop/Restart System Services, Mobile friendly
Multi-Server - Manage All Servers in one Portal
Monitor System Users - Searchable screen for monitoring system users
Manage System Users – Create/Update/Delete Linux Users